Emmeline K. Vance (0ften_falling) wrote in _levicorpus,
Emmeline K. Vance

Setting: Em's room
Characters: Em & Benjy

BACKDATED pre fight!

I had just gotten back, still very tired and drained from the whole experience. I had sent for the flowers Dorcas and Kingsley as sent me, putting them by the window for some light. Deciding to unpack myself I opened my suit case, putting away my jeans and what not. I had my pjs on and sweater on, had been living out of them practically. The thought of wearing something more clingy and form fitting made me want to hide under my covers. I had been putting away my socks when they slipped out, the little booties I made for our baby. I stumbled back to my bed, folding my legs on my bed and tracing my fingers over them lightly, my eyes getting watery.
Tags: benjy fenwick, emmeline vance
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