Abime Delame (poison_infrench) wrote in _levicorpus,
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Midnight silliness.

((yes. post whore. What can I say? he's in demand.))

Setting: A corridor. The DEAD OF NIGHT.
Characters: Delame, Lisa.

So, after one depressing evening with Nick, which in many ways, I didn't want to think back on quite yet. I'd get there, but for now, I wanted a bit of distraction. Something totally silly just to make me a little less...I don't know...pained inside. Far too many questions were being asked of me and my concience right now, it needed to have a sit down, cigarette and cup of coffee, just to collect itself. Whilst it did that, I had to do something distracting. What's better than a paper plane throwing competition in the middle of the night. I'd sent Lisa a sarcastic owl with a 'secret rendezvous' point on it and sat back and waited. It wasn't likely I was going to sleep properly tonight, so it hardly mattered I was up this early. I pulled some clothes on and quietly made my way to the arranged corridor. I leant against the windowsill, a couple of pieces of paper in hand, determined to win.

I just needed my brain to die for a bit. Even half an hour.
Tags: professor abime delame, professor lisa cutti

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