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Aitai ima Yasashii kimi ni Sakura kissu Tokimeitara Ranman koishi yo

Settings: The Leaky Cauldron
Characters: Gid and Rin

I was surprised to see Rin's little PS in her scroll. She's coming? Now? What?! I looked down at my shirt and grimaced. It was stained with grease, oil and all sorts of food splatters (as wells kid spittle from table 6). I bet my hair looked horrible and greasy as well. I rolled up my scroll and told Tom that I'd be back in a sec, just needed to use the loo. I ran back into my room, tearing my apron and shirt off before running into the bathroom. I ran a wet comb through my hair and also splashed some cold water on myself before drying up with my wand and reaching for a clean shirt in closet and putting it on. I looked at the mirror, glad that I looked a lot more presentable. I ran downstairs again and grabbed a clean apron from the kitchen.

"There, all ready. Now I'll just have to wait." I muttered to myself, earning a curious look from Tom. I smirked at him before going back behind the bar, shooting a few glances at the door, waiting for Rin to step inside.
Tags: corinna blackwell, gideon prewett

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