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Visiting! Yay!

Setting: The Burrow, Just after the kid's afternoon nap
Characters: Molly and Gid and the little Weasleys

There weren't too many people in the Cauldron today so Tom said I could get out early. It's been a while since he's done that but I'm grateful all the same. More time to catch up on checking third year work and maybe planning a few quizzes in advance.

Boy was I surprised when I finished it after two hours. What to do now? Well, maybe I could go for a walk, window shop and visit that muggle cafe down the street for a while. I leaned back against my chair and took a deep breath while I stretched my arms and legs out. My eyes landed on a messy picture Bill and Charlie made for me this Valentine's Day. It was cute. Molly probably told them to make it for every one of their uncles and aunts. Still, I appreciated the "I love you, Uncle Giddy!" all the same.

"Maybe I'll visit with Mols." Standing up and going for a quick shower, I raced downstairs to stop by the florist across the street before ducking into the alley and apparating over to Molly's house. I almost landed on a misplaced chicken (Molly thought it would be nice to have their own eggs) in the front yard but managed to make a quick step. I noticed the top half of their kitchen door to be open but no one was in there. I peeked in and looked around. "Hello? Mols? It's Gid! Anyone home?"

"Uncle Giddy!" I heard a high pitched squeak from below me. I saw a round, freckly face with shockingly bright red hair looking up at me while he held a small boy in a t-shirt and diapers from crawling away. The baby also had bright red hair. I smiled at Charlie and Percy.

"Hey Charlie! How's my dragon keeper?" I reached down and ruffled my hair. He laughed but quickly made a silencing sign.

"We're playing hide and seek. Bill's it!"

"Oh? Well, can't have you talking then." I unlocked the door and stepped inside. Charlie quickly reached up and I pulled him into a hug. Percy started to whimper and I had to have Charlie hold the flowers I bought for Mols while I picked Percy up. I groaned at the weight in my arms. Boy, these kids grow fast. "What is your mother feeding you two? You weigh about as heavy as half a trunk of Quidditch balls."
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