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setting: Shrieking Shack
allowed: Rookwood, Fletch...anybody who still cares about Fletch. Seriously. No, it isn't a joke. Stop laughing dammit.

A word of caution: Pretty frickin' nasty

What a sorry excuse for a human being, I thought as I drank from a bottle of rum. And for all the talk of monster and animal, here he was: detained, limp, unconscious. It was all too easy. I swigged the last of it and threw it against the wall, wincing as the glass shattered. No reaction from ole Fletch. I pulled a new bottle from the case by my feet.

I kicked at his head with the toe of my shoe. "Wake up, Sleeping Beauty." He was silent. I shook my head disapprovingly, and moved my foot to his gut, prodding gently. "Please, please wake up, my dear little Slytherin," I whispered. He didn't move. I sighed. "I hate that you're making me do this." I pulled my leg back and kicked him hard in the stomach, watching as his eyes shot open and nearly popped out of their sockets. He gasped a few times in rapid succession, then vomited. I studied the vomit amusedly. "Ooh, look! I think that red stuff might be blood. What do you think? Why don't you taste it?" I grabbed him by the back of the head and slammed his face in it. When I pulled him up, he vomited again, and bile covered his face, save for the thin crimson river of blood trickling from his nose to his chin. "Well look at that. I'd say your nose is broken. You want me to pour some medicine on that?" I threw the bottle of rum at his face, and smirked as he screamed, pulling bits of glass out of his cheeks and nose.

"I'll kill you!" he shrieked, lunging at me before having his neck snap back and falling on his ass. I started to convulse, snorting and slapping the table. As he looked around in confusion, I laughed even harder. Finally when he found the root of it all, the chain around his neck, he whimpered quietly, and that was that. I was in hysterics, and could hardly stay in my chair.

"Oh...oh God...oh, you shou-you should've seen the look on your..." I giggled. "Oh, and you thought you could come after me, haha...but see, you can't." I tugged on the chain, and he gagged, trying to pull the chain off again. I smiled. "Fletch, you don't get it. I own you now. Escape is futile, at least until justice has come full circle." I picked him up by his collar and slammed him against the wall, hearing him groan loudly. I walked to a bare wooden table in the middle of the room, and opened a bulky-looking bag, pulling out various objects. From over my shoulder, I heard him mumble, "Wha-what's in there?" I grinned. I turned to face him, a large spiked dildo in one hand, a rusty metal vice in the other. "Sweet, sweet vengeance."
Tags: mundungus fletcher, sirius black
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