DORCAS (greenmeadowes) wrote in _levicorpus,

central american hijinks!

Characters: Benjy and Dorcas and some natives
Setting: the jungle somewhere

part one: the night before
part two: the morning after

Granted, when Benjy told me we might be close to some ruins judging by the stela we found I hadn't expected to fall right into something, let alone just fall into something. But fall I did, right into some sort of pit. I was able to crawl out no problem, but it was still a little strange just falling into a well like that. It looked like it was set right in the middle of the trail, but when I went to check the map, it didn't even look like the trail was marked down.

So, the question was, where we were we and why was there a giant hole in the middle of the trail?

Benjy had been in heaven here. The stela had all sorts of fun ruins for him to play around with, while I battled it out with a monkey over my socks. Still, being out in the jungle with my best friend was fun. I smiled at him, pulling twigs and leaves out of my hair, and gave him the map to look over. "Benjy...I don't know where we are on here."

Tags: benjy fenwick, dorcas meadowes
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