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Where did all the slash go?

Setting--boy's dorm. I lack creativity.
Characters--Sirius. Remus. : D

Today just happened to be Valentine's Day after all (it's amazing how time seems to fly by), and the dorm was empty which is a good thing. Sirius should be here, pretty soon actually. James and Peter both off being out gave us both the opportunity to have the dorm to ourselves. It seemed like we haven't seen a whole lot of each other lately. But what other day to spend than Valentine's Day? Not being a big fan of the holiday, or anything--but still, it should be...nice for the both of us. As an excuse to make up for the lack of, one could say.

I grinned to myself as I sat down on a bed pushing the objects off and onto the floor, fully planning to pounce on him the moment he walked through the door. For once, taking him by surprise rather than the other way around.
Tags: remus lupin, sirius black, the marauders
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