Dolores Jane Umbridge (_hemhem) wrote in _levicorpus,
Dolores Jane Umbridge

This catwalk needs Umbridge.

Characters: Umbridge baby, and whoever has any good reason to catch her in the act.
Setting: Lunch break, Aurors department, Ministry of Magic.

It had been a full week since Madame Bones and the Minister signed the release forms for the entire records of the Aurors Department. The Minister himself was concerned about the lack of intel Moody could provide. He had his suspicions that things were happening behind his back. Madame Bones wanted copies of the records for a thorough review because of complaints of incompetence and ineffectivity from the general populace. I had agreed to make copies for both of them, secretly needing a third copy for Bellatrix Lestrange. She promised to secure me a promotion. I couldn't give a damn about why she needed the records. Bellatrix, horrible though she might be, was just one woman. The idea of her trying to take down the Ministry singlehandedly was laughable.

These Aurors. They think they're so superior. They think they're so clever. Toying with the rest of the Ministry as if we were some glazed-eyed, slack-jawed half-troll. Moody says he can not hand the records over because they are 'in a mess, Aurors more concerned about saving lives than proper filing systems'. Please. They had to be hiding something.

I have brought it upon myself to find those records immediately and present them personally to Madame Bones and the Minister. They should be quite impressed. When I was certain everyone went out to have their lunch, I strutted into the Aurors Department and headed for the records section.
Tags: dolores umbridge, frank longbottom

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