Antonin Dolohov (nomudbloods) wrote in _levicorpus,
Antonin Dolohov

creating a random thread

Characters: Jumpy Dolv and whoever
Setting: Heading for the Hospital Wing

I wrapped a fairly clean handkercheif over my newly tattooed arm and pulled my sleeve down. I stepped out of the Slytherin Common room, determined to get to the hospital wing and get something to help the pain. I've had a tattoo before, it never hurt like this. And it was a horrible image. I can barely look at it.

This was terrible. I agreed with them ideologically. They had good intentions and the right ideas. But when we're holding secret meetings and there are tests and magical tattoos that hurt like hell involved, well it gets you thinking. I gritted my teeth and kept walking.
Tags: antonin dolohov, evangeline wilkes
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