Lisa Cutti (growingupcutti) wrote in _levicorpus,
Lisa Cutti

Characters: Voigt and Cutti
Setting: Hospital Wing

I needed to talk to someone. I really did. And I was tired of pretending I didn't. Sure talking to Abime helped a little, but then I felt even worse because he shouldn't have to put up with my problems. I just...I needed a friend. Not that Abime wasn't, but I just...I really don't know what I meant. All I did know was that there was one person I could always go to, and not get judged or brutally mocked or any of that. And that was Voigt.

So I went to the hospital wing to look for him but no one was there. They must be at lunch or something. I leaned back against the wall and waited.
Tags: healer james voigt, professor lisa cutti
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