Riley Anne Prewett (rileyannemcg) wrote in _levicorpus,
Riley Anne Prewett

Characters: Riley and Delame
Setting: Random classroom

I learned something. Professor Delame? The hardest person in the world to please. Like...ever. Who didn't want to celebrate their birthday? REALLY. My original plans were something along the lines of a huge party and inviting everyone I'd ever met. BUT he didn't want that. So I scratched that idea and decided to do something small like I promised.

I made him dinner. The house elves actually let me use their kitchen which was surprising. He was always complaining about English food, so I decided that he should have some French cuisine. It was his birthday after all. I made a three course meal, salad, steak au poivre, and chocolate mousse. Typical stuff really. I could have done better? Maybe? But then again, I wasn't really much of a cook and this was the best I could do with the little time I had to prepare. And I probably screwed up horribly anyway.

I got him a present too. Something small, as I really didn't have much money to spare, but something nonetheless. That's what friends do, right? All that was really left to do was to wait for him to show up.
Tags: professor abime delame, riley mcgranahan
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