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setting: Shrieking Shack
allowed: Bella and Rookwood

WARNING: A tad graphic...

I looked at my watch. Christ, she was late. Or maybe, a voice chimed in, she never planned to come at all. I shook my head and took another swig of the bottle of rum I kept by my side these days. There was no way I could face this thing, whatever it was, sober. My eyelids fluttered. Late...she's fucking late...

...My hand slid across her stomach, as I felt a jolt of excitement flow throughout her body. My hand moved up to caress her breast, and she screamed aloud. "Oh!" she cried out and pulled my face up to hers, meeting it with a kiss. As she pulled back, she moaned, and purred into my ear, "What should we do about them?" I turned to look where her eyes had been at. Bodies were strewn across the floor, in grotesque positions, some without limbs, most still alive. They whimpered, pulling at the white sheets, maimed and cursed. I turned back to her. She smiled and took out a knife, and began to pleasure herself, cackling as blood spilt out of her and filled the room. Black, tiny bugs crawled out of the mouths of the tortured people, their eyes pleading, crying, the bugs drinking her blood, growing stronger, bigger, and I fell backward, into the pool of blood, as bodies piled on top of me. "Please," I screamed, "I don't know what to do. help me." The bugs crawled into my brain, and whispered in raspy, broken voices, "Drink. Drink it all." I looked around in the ocean of blood, opened my mouth, and welcomed it...
Tags: augustus rookwood, bellatrix black/lestrange
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