L.V. (the_good_lord) wrote in _levicorpus,

Setting: A large, dark room lit with candles
Characters: People soon to be known as Death Eaters

The letter was not labeled in any way, neither the name of the recipient nor the name of the giver. It was not brought by owls, at the chosen one's plates before they came down to breakfast.

It says only:

Midnight tonight. Not before. Not after

Within is a small pendant, made of a hard, dark material. It is the shape of a skull with a snake in its mouth.

There are no other explanations.

When the time comes and the portkey activated, it takes people to a large room. There are no windows, there is only a single door. It is small and enclosed without feeling claustrophobic.

In the middle of the room he is standing there, a glass of wine cradled casually on his hips.

((Alright folks, here it is. We're getting them initiated properly, they're getting their marks.))
Tags: death eaters, lord voldemort
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