Peter Pettigrew (pettypetey) wrote in _levicorpus,
Peter Pettigrew

Characters: Peter, Amaranta
Setting: Hogsmeade

Today was a Hogsmeade visit day. And it was also the day of my date with Amaranta. I couldn't really believe this was happening. Sure, we talked often. But a date? It was so very much different. I couldn't help but think that.. maybe I wasn't ready for this. I should have talked to Sirius more to feel more confident. But I was currently mad at him. And mostly unsure of what to make of these rumours.

They were not true.

But I didn't really know how to look at any of them anymore! I just sort of.. looked to some point past their ears, and hoped they wouldn't notice. It wasn't my fault someone had made up that shite. But it didn't mean that they'd made it up entirely on their own, did it? No. It did. It meant that. There was absolutely not truth to ALL of my friends being poofs.

Gritting my teeth, I stuffed my hands in my pockets and waited outside the castle for Amaranta. It was sort of cold, but I didn't much mind it, after all. I needed something to keep me from exploding everywhere. Sighing, I rocked back and forth on my feet. She would make me feel better, I just knew it. Why she even liked me, I couldn't quite say. I wasn't as charming or as good looking as most of the other blokes in the castle. What could she possibly see in me?
Tags: amaranta fawcett, peter pettigrew
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