Emmeline K. Vance (0ften_falling) wrote in _levicorpus,
Emmeline K. Vance

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Setting: Benjy's room.
Characters: Benjy & Em. And anyone who wishes to die a slow and painful death.

Warning! :D

It felt like it'd been forever since I saw him, let alone been with him. After spending the holidays with him, I went out an bought him something, deciding if he liked me in my tie, then that's what he'd get. Clipping my hair up I put it on, putting my tie on, and wrapping my robes around me tightly. I all but ran towards his room, pushing my way through the corridor and past some people before finally making it to his room. Knocking, I opened the door. Didn't want to unrobe should Ted still be in there. "Alone?" I grinned.
Tags: benjy fenwick, emmeline vance
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