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I've been with you such a long time! You're my sunshine...

Setting: Gryffindor Tower, at the moment
Characters: James, Lily, potentially random, unnamed Gryffindors

Through extensive and exhausting research, I had come to the following conclusion:

Sirius Black is a wanker.

Due to the unfortunate nature of his condition, he was being completely insufferable and whining about something stupid - something about cat hair and killing me in my sleep - as if he didn't leave DOG hair all over the place - and I think I am having a torrid mental love affair with the long dash - which made dealing with him, at the present time, less than ideal.

Fortunately, however, there were certain individuals who roamed these halls who were very-much-not-at-all insufferable wankers. Even more fortunately, one such person who was especially very-much-not-at-all a wanker was Lily Evans, who was far too busy being amazing, head girl, and my girlfriend to find any time to be insufferable no matter how much actual insufferable wankers argued the contrary.

(Speaking of, if he ever calls her a cunt again, I am going to strangle him with his own neck tie, as is customary.)

Having not seen her properly in some time, at least since breakfast, thought not especially keen on taking my chances with the girls' dormitory stairs, I figured the best way to catch her attention when she was already sort of expecting to have her attention caught, would be to throw a smooth stone I'd picked up in my outdoor wanderings at the closed door just up the stairs, call her name once, and wait to see if she heard me. If the first attempt failed, repeat attempts may be necessary.
Tags: james potter, james potter/lily evans, lily evans
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