Andromeda (le_etoile_noire) wrote in _levicorpus,


Characters- Ted and Meda
Setting- Ravenclaw Girls Dorms

Ted was coming. He was coming to visit and Antonin had Nymphadora and it was just me and he was coming. Oh Merlin, I had to get ready.

I put on a nice top and trousers and pulled the front of my hair to the side with a pin. A few stray baby toys went in the basket and all of the bureau drawers were shoved closed. I cast a freshening charm in the air and hoped that the dirty baby smell would be overcome.

Any minute he would be here. I had no idea what I would say, what we would do, but I needed to be... calm. I took a moment to relax, meditate in place and clear my mind. When I opened my eyes, I realised that there was still stuff everywhere. Nymphadora's basinett was crowding one side of my bed and her playpen was in the middle of the row. The place was a mess... a mess! But I reminded myself that Ted wouldn't care. Ted was Ted and he was coming and I was telling myself this when there was a knock on my door.

Jumping, I walked calmly, took a deep breath and opened it.
Tags: andromeda black, ted tonks
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