Benjy Fenwick (academic_hobo) wrote in _levicorpus,
Benjy Fenwick

Setting: The Fenwick Household
Characters: Benjy and Emmeline

*backdated to around Christmas, because some of us were terribly busy round then*

He had made sure to clean his room before she arrived. Not that it was ever really that messy to begin with (Ted Tonks, he was not), but he tidied everything anyway. It was a nice sort of room, rather small and made smaller by the books that were everywhere. He lacked proper bookshelves, for some reason, so they were just stacked all over the desk and the floor in what were reasonably neat piles. There was a soccer ball rolling idly around the room, and a too-small cricket bat in the corner. It was a teenager's room, practically an adult's but you could tell a little boy had lived here once.

There was also writing covering the most of the walls, but that had been there for so long Benjy didn't even notice it anymore.

He opened the door and walked in, glancing back at Emmeline tentatively. "Anyway, this is where I live."
Tags: benjy fenwick, emmeline vance
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