Riley Anne Prewett (rileyannemcg) wrote in _levicorpus,
Riley Anne Prewett

Characters: Riley and Rita, a.k.a., the Porpington daughters.
Setting: Rita's room.

After getting that note from Nick, I wasted no time making my way into the Ravenclaw common room and finding Rita. I knocked on her bedroom door, giving her a quick warning before bursting in. She wouldn't have let me in if I'd given her the chance and I knew it very well. Though I really didn't understand why. If there was anyone she could trust to get what she was going through, you'd think she'd come to me.

I walked over to her bed and knelt down beside it. "Love, I need to get you to the hospital wing," I said without explaination.
Tags: riley mcgranahan, rita skeeter
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