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Setting: Averys flat, then the HOLLIS-COES PLACE, then the SUTHERLANDS place.
Characters/Allowed: Angie, Avery, Dolohov if he wants!

I slipped into Averys room, pulling my short black dress out of one of my chests. It would be good if I needed to run away, or if I needed to climb over something. Quickly getting changed, I rummaged around for my black cloak, putting it on and inspecting myself in the mirror. Hair needed to be up. I charmed it up, before putting on some flats and gloves. My, didn't I look like I was going to a funeral? I sat on Averys bed, hoping he'd walk in sometime soon. I wanted to get this over and done with.
Tags: antonin dolohov, avery, death eaters, evangeline wilkes
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