M. Fletcher (stealing_is_fun) wrote in _levicorpus,
M. Fletcher

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setting: empty classroom
allowed: Meadowes and Fletch...but I wouldn't necessarily say no to a visitor

First day of tutoring. How wonderul. Well, at least she's attractive. Usually when I space out during long lectures, I'm forced to focus on a nasty wart, or a receding hairline. This time, I've been blessed with much more pleasant scenery, made all the better by those beautifully sculpted, supple, shapely---

The door swung open suddenly, violently yanking me out of my daydreaming and into the harsh reality that was about to take place. "Hey teach," I said smartly, a smirk dancing around the edges of my mouth.
Tags: class, dorcas meadowes, mundungus fletcher
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