Antonin Dolohov (nomudbloods) wrote in _levicorpus,
Antonin Dolohov

Characters: Dolohov, Andromeda, Nymphadora, people who might be in the Ravenclaw girls dormitory, but you have to have an incredibly good reason to witness the not-newlyweds.

Settings: Ravenclaw girls dorm

More than once during my slow walk toward the Ravenclaw common room did I try to back out. Andromeda wouldn't believe a spontaneous attack of taking-care-of-babyphobia. And I could never use the excuse that I haven't done my homework yet. I couldn't get out of this even if I tried.

I didn't want to take care of Nymphadora because... well, just because. Because I wouldn't know how. Because Nymphadora scares me. Because I'd rather be somewhere else doing something fun than having to face up to the Consequences of my Actions. Because I could be a terrible father. I muttered these things under my breath until I came up to the door of the Ravenclaw dormitory and waited anxiously for Andromeda to find me.
Tags: andromeda black, antonin dolohov, antonin dolohov/andromeda black
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