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It's too early for carols but I gotta sing anyway.

Setting: (TIME WARP!) Riley and Fab's apartment then random shopping district
Characters: The Prewett Twins

It had started snowing the week before and already every shingle in the block was covered with that soft, white, wet stuff. The chimneys let out thins wisps of gray-white cirrus smoke and a few snowmen adorned some business in both the main and side streets. Tom told me we were to start our Christmas decorating this weekend. Looking forward to that...not really. I am not tangling myself in those artificial fairy lights. Nope. Not me. I will do the rest though.

I stuffed a few bottles of butterbeer into my bag and charmed them to stay warm as I walked over to Fab's. After doubling up in coats, mittens and scarves, I took the back way out into Diagon Alley. There weren't too many people hanging around the main street. They were all probably in the restaurants and cafes along the side. Mrs. Cayne popped out of the apothecary to say hello for a while but other than that, most of the people were keeping warm inside.

At reaching the apartment, I shrugged some snowflakes off my coat and brushed of the ones in my hair. My bangs were growing longer again. Bugger that. It's only been a month since I had a hair cut. I thought, wincing a bit because of the memory. I cut my hair for that blasted Halloween costume--which I still hate.

"Fabs, it's me. Open up. That hall's ice cold!" I knocked on the door. Okay, it wasn't really ice cold but I did not want to be out there all the same.
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