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Unless, I Get a Little Crazy...

setting: grounds
allowed: nobody but Rita SKEET-SKEET

I was pacing the grounds. Pacing. that's always healthy, I thought, then laughed bitterly as I realized I had just finished my fourth cigarette. Chain-smoking too. Perfect. I threw the butt at the base of an oak I frequented. I'll die before she even gets here.

I sniffed harshly, and leaned my forehead up against the tree. She won't come, why did I even ask her to come. We've changed so much . She'd never want to give me another chance, and...God, I need some alcohol before I overanalyze this anymore and my brain fucking explodes. I punched the tree hard, feeling the pain shoot up my arm, and relishing it. Fucking whore. I don't need her. If this what I'm gonna get, I don't need her. I pulled my hand back and inspected my knuckles. A few were bleeding, but no splinters. Too bad. Then I 'd have a reasonable explanation for the hot tears I could already feel coming.
Tags: mundungus fletcher, rita skeeter
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