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Thundereagle: Substitute extraordinaire!

Setting: Delames Arithmancy classroom
Characters/Allowed: Thundereagle and 7th year students

I had jumped at the chance to take Abimes class, it would be great to teach some of the kids that hadn't taken Herbology. Jumping up the stairs with my arms filled with Delames notes and doughnuts. I put my things in one hand, trying to get my wand out of my robe pocket with my mouth. Finally, I got it out, unlocking the door and walking in calmly. Nobody was here yet, so I placed the notes on his desk, looking around. Bloody flash place. Picking up one of Abimes papers, I raised my eyebrow as I flicked over it.

"What the hell is...trigonometry? Is it some sort of magical object? Does it produce a dizzying high?"
Tags: gideon prewett, professor thundereagle

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