Andromeda (le_etoile_noire) wrote in _levicorpus,

Where?-Ravenclaw Dorms
Who?- Meda, Acacia, Nymphadora, whoever else has a reason to show up.
Why?- To see the baby, of course.

Acacia was being friendly, thank merlin. I remembered that not too long ago, we had been tiffing with each other and I was so relieved to finally have someone to call a friend. She had been asking to come see the baby and I was really grateful for some company.

I checked myself in the mirror to make sure that I didn't too a mess and picked out some cute socks to put on Nymphadora. She rather liked her hippogriff ones, at least, they didn't fall off often so I stuck them on her feet and went down to the dorms to wait.

There weren't many oggling first years around and my baby was in a good mood, having already taken a long nap so it should be a good visit. I sat in an arm chair near the fire and sat Nymphadora on my lap so she could look around.

Acacia should be here any moment.
Tags: acacia leoni, andromeda black
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