Alice. (dulcetwonder) wrote in _levicorpus,

Characters: Alice, Frank
Setting: Frank's place!

What was I doing? I had a half-formed plan in mind, but it was ridiculous. Frank would just laugh at me. And that would be awful. I can't believe things ever got like this. Why can't he just know what I'm thinking? This is hardly fair. I just want him to ask me to bloody marry him. But he's so difficult. And I don't understand. The whole time at dinner on Halloween I kept hinting at it, but he was so adamantly not listening.

It was maddening.

Putting the finishing touches on my appearance, I smoothed down the slinky red dress over my hips and stared at myself in the mirror. This was definitely not me. But it had to be done. I just wish.. No, no regrets. I already promised I wouldn't regret anything. Running a comb through my curled hair one last time, I made sure all my makeup had stayed in place. Excellent. Now all there was left to do was go see Frank.

With a shout to my mom that I'd be out all evening, I apparated to the doorstep of Frank's flat. It would be rude to apparate directly inside. So, I carefully lifted my hand to the door and knocked. Hopefully Frank would answer, and not Kingsley. I'd have a hard time explaining the revealing outfit to Kingsley. He might get the wrong idea! Well.. maybe not the wrong idea. But it would definitely just be not good at the moment.

Waitied nervously, I took to smoothing down my dress again. Oh, Merlin. This was going to be a long night. One way or another.
Tags: alice longbottom, frank longbottom
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