M. Fletcher (stealing_is_fun) wrote in _levicorpus,
M. Fletcher

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setting: Three Broomsticks
allowed: Acacia, Fletch...if you must crash, meh

Just one of those days. I couldn't wait to throw back a beer. And I thought people had forgotten me. From the look of those letters, faces, Goddamn they hated that I was back. And here I was, scampering off to a bar to whine about it. I should be back there, being an asshole, being the crass sonovabitch I am. Being Fletch. But then, he's the one who started the mess. I may feel like a pusssy, in this new skin. But this new skin keeps his mouth shut and fists open.

I looked around for Acacia. She was supposed to meet me here. I grabbed a table and sat down, my eyes darting from the door to the bartender, to my watch, then back to the door.
Tags: acacia leoni, mundungus fletcher
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