Amos 'Diggs' Diggory (can_ya_digg_it) wrote in _levicorpus,
Amos 'Diggs' Diggory

Setting: Post/during halloween party
Characters: Diggs (Romeo) & Acacia (Juliet)

Here's Digg's costume: Enjoy! ;D

WARNING that is all.

I had been wait for what seemed like forever for her to show--I know girls take a while to show but this was ridiculus. I was pacing around like a mad man, and if people hadn't been looking at me before I was sure they were now. 'Maybe she isn't going to show? Maybe she changed her mind' countless thoughts ran through my head as I paced. It was then I saw her come in--she looked--I mean it--and she was--wow. She looked radiant, positivly stunning.
Tags: acacia leoni, amos diggory
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