Amos 'Diggs' Diggory (can_ya_digg_it) wrote in _levicorpus,
Amos 'Diggs' Diggory

Setting: Astronomy Tower.
Characers: Amos & Acacia (& ?)

It was raining anf there was that chill of autumn in the air as I looked out on the grounds. Looking around I reached for my bottle of--rum? Yeah rum. Cracking the seal and taking a good swig. So this was it.

But for the life of me I couldn't stop thinking of Acacia's letter---I wanted that with her, a future--kids, a home. How--how after everything could we do it? I've lost my two best friends, and Acacia--I just wanted it over.
Tags: acacia leoni, amos diggory
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