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Nobody knows where they might end up...

setting: Tree on the grounds. I f**king like trees, OK?
allowed: Acacia, Rookwood. Period.

((Uhm, warning. Smex. And an affair. And lots of angst. Mmk?))

Nice night. Leaves everywhere, makes the ground softer. But you can tell winter's creeping up. Fall never lasts very long.

I sat up and looked around. The sky was an oily black, and the moon was hiding behind a particularly thick cloud. Still, I could make out a womanly figure making its way toward me. So she really does want to help. She shouldn't care about me so much, I thought. It's not like I'm worth it.

I waved to her, hoping she could see me through the dark.
Tags: acacia leoni, amos diggory, augustus rookwood
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