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characters: EVERYONE AND ANYONE. Figure out a way to get there and COME ON IN! C'MON IN, THE WATER'S FINE!

note: you don't need to wait for me in order to get the thread moving - start communicating with each other, SOCALISE PEOPLE. ♥

So it had arrived. My birthday. Eighteen. Somehow, I had pictured this day with a bit more oomph than what actually happened. Random happy birthdays from people, random happy birthday snogs from girls I didn't know, begging for McGoogles not to give me homework and instead receiving extra, stealing all the good food at lunch because it was my right as birthday boy, the usual. Remus and I had celebrated for a bit but had to stop early because Peter had come into the dorm looking for a sock.

Peter always had socks. James probably sent him up.

As a result of this boredom, I was left with sitting in the common room earlier than I'd ever been, right after dinner, with nothing to do. At all. Which concerned me, so I decided to do something about it. And by "something", I most nearly meant running about the common room and the dorm, gathering things together and then banishing them to the Great Hall, throwing on my trainers and then running to the kitchens and ordering as much food as I could for such short notice. The plans had been set in motion.

I also had made sure to tell as many people as possible about a party in the Great Hall (with express permission from Professor Dumbledore, of course, or so they thought) and had told each person to bring friends as this was more of a bash than anything. Not just a party, not just a shindig, a full out bash. And everyone had to be there.

At the very least most of Gryffindor would show up, if not anyone else. And if not them, Remus would. And we could continue our celebration, if worse came to worse.

But that wouldn't happen, would it?


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