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Characters: Gid and Fabs and anyone who cares to visit the poor stump on the couch.
Setting: Fab and Ri's apartment

I carefully weaved my way around the bustling crowds in Diagon Alley and found myself at the familiar stoop of my brother's apartment. I knocked on the door and announced myself.

"Hey Fabs, it's Gid. I'm coming." I felt for the key that was taped on the top of the frame and quickly inserted it into the lock. The door opened and I crossed into the main hallway, throwing the key on the nearest table.

"Well, howdy, brother!" I heard Fabs from the couch and I smirked at his bandaged figure. "Brought the stuff?"

"Of course I did. With a little extra." I threw him the small container of Walter Capri's Heavy Duty Burn Balm and dropped my stuff by the couch. I pulled out two bottles of meade and smirked at him.
Tags: fabian prewett, gideon prewett, riley mcgranahan

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