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((I'm just posting this right now, because I was asked to. Feel free to jump on in whenever if you want, mkay?  yeah, yeah. don't tell me how short it is, I know.))

Setting- the  love  Shrieking Shack.
Starring - James and Sirius and Peter. And Remus. But that's a given.

The day had been long and the night would be longer, I was feeling tired and ill but at least that would be over after tonight. Full moon. In less than...I looked outside through the dirty glass. From the dim light that was fading quickly on the floor and purplish glow out there, I'd say about fifteen minutes till. I sighed, taking off shoes, socks and watch and hiding them under the bed.

I wish they'd hurry up, Lord knows that this'll wait for no one. With a sigh I slumped back on the dusty sheets, and stared up at the ceiling, feet planted on the floor and hands resting behind my head. I closed my eyes and waited.
Tags: james potter, peter pettigrew, remus lupin, sirius black, the marauders
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