Peter Pettigrew (pettypetey) wrote in _levicorpus,
Peter Pettigrew

Help meeeee

Characters: Peter, Amaranta
Setting: The Library

Oh no.

Oh, no!!

Homework. Homework...


What was I thinking? And with her.. and the.. I hadn't had time to consult Sirius before I was required to go down to the library and meet with Amaranta. I wish I had. Sirius woul have been able to tell me what to do. I didn't know what to do! What was I supposed to do? Should I...? What?

We were just doing homework. I could do this. It'd be alright. Nothing bad was going happen. The worst that could even happen, was I'd put my foot in my mouth and she'd never want to see me again.

Right, that was an encouraging thought. Slipping my bag on my arm, I headed for the library, and made it there in record time. I didn't want her to wait, after all! Panting for breath a little, I slid into a seat and put my Potions book in front of me. Right, then. Homework time.
Tags: amaranta fawcett, peter pettigrew
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