Lily Potter (r_o_s_e_w_i_n_e) wrote in _levicorpus,
Lily Potter

setting: Lil's Dorm
characters: Lily, James, anyone else might get punched in the nose

I had never experienced such a horrid, crushing emotion before in my life. My father was gone. He would never hug me again. He would never call me his little girl. My pillow was soaked on both sides, which was annoying. I didn't even remember crying.

I briefly wondered if maybe I should have told James I'd meet him somewhere else, since he had to deal with the spelled stairs and all. But leaving the room didn't sound like a good idea, and he'd managed it before. I clutched my pillow, trying not to think about anything.
Tags: james potter, james potter/lily evans, lily evans
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