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Ang akung despedida

Setting: The Leaky Cauldron
Characters Allowed: The Prewett Family, Riley, Sybs, Tom and anyone Gid considers a friend

((Okay, I really didn't know how to start this but I thought to just post Gid's party up now since I've got school starting this week. This way I don't forget. Now, let's get this party started!))

I'm leaving. Dear God, this is it. Tomorrow, I'll be in my own apartment in a foreign country and by myself. Well, until Fab, Ri and Syb come along. Merlin, my stomach's just not feeling well at all.

I can't believe Tom closed the Cauldron early. Just for this. He's a good man.

I can't help but stand and gawk at the room. First of all, the walls are covered in banners and silly string. Every chair has at least two balloons tied to it and the tables were laden down with hats, noisemakers, wizard crackers and small sweets. It looks like a child's birthday party gone awry.

I guess Mum and Dad let Fabs decorate.

Molly and Arthur put together a few tables and presented the food in a buffet-style order. Great.

My stomach still hurts a bit. I know it's just nerves. It's not like I'm losing anyone. I'll just be gone for a bit.

Still, I'm glad that we're having a party.
Tags: dorcas meadowes, fabian prewett, gideon prewett, kingsley shacklebolt, professor abime delame, riley mcgranahan
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