Augustus Rookwood (hufflepuff_spy) wrote in _levicorpus,
Augustus Rookwood

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Setting: Leaky Cauldron
Allowed: Primarily, Acacia and Rookwood

I had been sitting at the bar for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes, and she hadn't shown up. Maybe I was too anxious. It's not like this is a date. She has a boyfriend, for crissake. Yes, but you still have feelings for her...I shook my head vigorously, freeing my brain of such clinging, cloudy thoughts. She is a friend, nothing more. But, damn her for being such a good friend. Such a sweet girl. And so beautiful...I poured another glass of rum down my throat, feeling the liquid cut a searing path down to my stomach. This was a bad idea. I contemplated leaving, then decided I wasn't drunk enough to make stupid decisions yet. I had the bartender fill my glass. This was a very, very bad idea.
Tags: acacia leoni, augustus rookwood
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