giddy_like_me (giddy_like_me) wrote in _levicorpus,

Gushiness ensues

Setting: A random hallway, use your imagination
Characters Allowed: Gideon, Riley, Fabs and anyone who wants to hear sweet 'n gushy stuff

Walking around always calmed me down and since I had time to kill before my Ancient Runes practicals, I thought I'd venture down a couple of corridors before my head explodes.

At the end of one of the hallways, I thought I saw a familiar face. It took me a couple more steps to realize it was Riley, leaning against one of the stained glass windows. Oh yeah, she dyed her hair. Nearly forgot. I smiled when she saw me and I waved.

"Hello there, m'dear! What's up?"
Tags: fabian prewett, gideon prewett, riley mcgranahan
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