L.V. (the_good_lord) wrote in _levicorpus,

Voldy wants YOU for his Death Eater army.

Setting: A room above the Hogshead

Characters: Voldemort and whichever of the future Death Eaters want to scope him out ((This thread will be up for a while, so to save on confusion, if you've a new character coming in just leave a new comment so Voldemort can chat with them one at a time.))

I stepped around the walls of the little room slowly, dragging my fingers along the wall as I waited.. They were coming. Angry and furious with what they think is true power just no one to throw it at They'd come. And I'd show hem what power was truly like.

They were already nearly mine. they had been for months. They just didn't know it yet.
Tags: death eaters, lord voldemort
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