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Setting: Shrieking Shack, Willow Passage. Think there
Characters: Remus, James, Snape, Sirius.

The setting sun cast a red glow on the slowly cooling grounds, as I hurried across them. Wrapping my cloak tighter, I shivered perhaps from the growing anxiousness and un-easyness. But, I was used to it, it was routine. Making sure nobody was around when I got to the flailing branches of the Whomping Willow, I picked up a stick and prodded the knot. It stopped coming to a complete standstill, revealing the tunnel that lead to my transformation place. I stepped in.

Once inside the shack, I began to prepare for the upcoming moonrise. Removing clothing, shoes, my watch. The others were nowhere to be found, and it wasn't like I could wait for them. I glanced outside through the slightly boarded up windows. I bit my lip seeing how dark it was getting. Sun was almost set. Almost time. I sat down on the bed there, setting my clothes and shoes on the floor and waited trying to ignore the nervousness that had settled in my chest. Just like always.
Tags: james potter, remus lupin, severus snape, sirius black, the marauders

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