Headmaster Dumbledore (knittingmugwump) wrote in _levicorpus,
Headmaster Dumbledore

Startin' the Order

Setting: Dumbledore's Office
Characters Allowed: This is extremely private, so only Alice, Frank, Dorcas, Kingsley, Benjy, and Ted are allowed. No interlopers!

All those involved in the thread should keep up with this. Dumbledore's bouncing all over the place here and may respond to your comment in someone else's question. It's madness!

((Here we go. Posting order? I don't feel like working on this thread forever, so here it goes.

I've given it some thought, I'm just going to assume everyone's shown up. I'm not designating a posting order since our computing times are so different. This thread's going to look like a mess, but I'm sure we'll get somewhere. Dumbledore will talk, explain things, then people should just ask him questions. He'll reply to their comment, and then others can talk amongst themselves.

Just post. Do it. You know you want to.))

After firing off that letter to Macabree I waited a little more calmly in my office for the students to show up. What I was going to discuss with them would have to be kept at the utmost secrecy, not to mention it was more than just a dangerous affair. Alastor had agreed with me though, my students were my greatest ally and weapon. I needed them on my side now; they are the ones who will fight when I am dead and gone. This is their problem, even more so than it is mine.

I saw great things in them already, I could only hope they agreed.

Tags: alice longbottom, benjy fenwick, frank longbottom, headmaster dumbledore, kingsley shacklebolt, ted tonks
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