Alice Wreedlot (__alice___) wrote in _levicorpus,
Alice Wreedlot

Valentines Event!

Setting: Umm, I never thought about this. RoR?
Characters: Everyone!- Preferably Monty and Rosemerta first but it doesn't really matter.

Oh, I was so excited that it was finally time to get set up for the party. I had on the long, lilac dress that I had worn to the Masquerade Ball but I figured that noone would notice. My aunt and uncle couldn't afford to buy me something new and I wasn't about to ask them to.

It was three in the afternoon and I was armed with my wand to make the room beautiful. The guests would be arriving in a few hours and I was expecting Monty to help and Rosemerta to bring the food. Hopefully everything worked out alright.

I set to charming the decorations so that they would change into birthday colors and hoped that I was doing it correctly. Merlin, would James be surprised!
Tags: alice longbottom, dorcas meadowes, hestia jones, rosalind montague, ted tonks
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