Abime Delame (poison_infrench) wrote in _levicorpus,
Abime Delame

((this is called boredom. And realising all Delame's threads are deadly serious))

Setting: Outside the Grand entrance. Against a wall. Between 4th and 5th lesson.
Allowed: Absolutely anyone. No threat of armedgeddon or anything.

This birthday wasn't turning out too badly. Well, it was better than my last one which I spent at my dad's wake. Still, I didn't have any third years today, so it couldn't be too bad. It was nearing the end of my free lesson before 5th period, in which I had cover for Clough in Dark Arts. Which I could manage, it just meant that I had to go outside for a smoke as I only smoked in my room or office as a rule. I leaned against a wall, pulled my very last cigarette out of the pack, made a mental note to find some more and lit up with my wand. I inhaled deeply and exhaled the smoke, watching it spiral into the frosty air as a few Hufflepuff Fourth years passed me, telling me fourth period had ended. I moved aside a little, expecting an influx of students.
Tags: alice longbottom, professor abime delame
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