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Which Globe PV is that?

Hello everyone, I'm new here :)
I'm a fan of Globe for some time now, but I am sill quite "new" on the topic.
Could you guys help me out ant tell which PV was it (I once had it and loved it but somehow it disappeared)

You can se Keiko in it with long blond (maybe a little red) hair in long white dress. She is walking around some creepy disco where everyone has their own earphones. In some moment she sees herself in a window and starts chasing the misterious woman who seems to be herself.

Thanks for any help :)
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So a brand new globe album (double-disc too) came out three days ago. How was I not informed of this?

I did a search to make sure it wasn't yet another compilation album since CD Japan/YesAsia offered jack in the information department and found this tracklist:

Disc 1
01. Soldier
02. Please don't give up
03. Why Why tell me Why
04. from the beginning
05. Appreciate
06. orbit
07. Tokyoという理由 (Tokyo toiu riyuu)
08. Shine on you
10. About Me

Disc 2
01. Judgement (Band Version) / globe
02. LOST (Band Version) / globe
03. to solid snake / TETSUYA KOMURO
04. maunalua bay / TETSUYA KOMURO
05. cosmic dream (Short Edit) / 245
06. 1000Lights (French Version) / 245
07. Reason (LA Updated Mix) / keiko
08. HUMANRACE / keiko
09. 海との友情 (Umi to no Yuujou)/ keiko
10. be true / Cyber X feat.keiko

I for one am really annoyed that CD Japan didn't send me an e-mail like it's supposed to when certain artists put stuff out. :/ So while it's still available, I would have much preferred to preorder it. Oh well...
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Look what I just got in my e-mail :3

globe/globe the best live 1995-2002[Limited Low-priced Edition] DVD
3333 yen US$29/113.34 Release Date:2006/03/01
Description:Disc 1 compiles live footage to singles including "Feeel Like Dance" (Tokyo Dome), " Departures" (Yoyogi No.1 gymnasium), and "Many Classic Moments" (Budokan). Disc 2 compiles live footage to album songs, footage from TK Dance Camp and Pacific Tour, & more (exected).
2913 yen US$26/113.34 Release Date:2006/03/15
globe/Soldier(Title subject to change) CDA
1000 yen US$9/113.34 Release Date:2006/03/01
bonus:Comes housed in a limited packaging
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So, I do swing and ballroom dancing right? Well, I've decided that at one point, I want to do a Globe Latin Medly. It's be sweet...

Sayonara would be a jive.
Temporary Girl and So Far Away From Home would be a samba
Degenerate would be a cha-cha
Can't Stop Fallin' in Love and Is this love would be a rhumba
Relation would be a Paso Doble.

Then songs like Overdose and Can't Stop piano solo would make excelent transition peices.

I'd mostly use songs from the Faces Places CD mainly cause they're not as much electronica as the other songs.

Just thinking about that makes me want to start working on it right now ^^

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This year is globe's 10th anniversary. They still seem kinda dead though. ;-; All they're doing right now is releasing "decade" merchandise, and that box set from last year. But hello, that's not even a decade, since 1995-2004 is only NINE years :( They need to have like, a big tour or something! That would be so awesome. After all, a couple months ago they just finished their first tour since Keiko and TK got married, which started at the end of 2004. I hope they tour agaaaiin.

I'm going to be in Japan this summer and I was thinking of getting a tattoo of their little broken circle logo on the day of their first single release. Except I don't want to wait that long because I really want it so I'll probably get it like, really soon. X3 It will probably be completely black.

It sucks that globe doesn't seem to have many American fans. Everyone's too obsessed with J-ROCK and visual kei. Blehhhhhh.
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i made a new layout and userinfo for the community. _level_4 :D hope you guys like.

and since this community is really dead, here's a short poll to try to liven it up. XD;;

Poll #449902 favourite globe songs

What is your favourite globe song?

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