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A Letter Written, But Never Sent.

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We've all wanted to tell someone how you really feel but could never get the words out. We've all had feelings get in the way, been too fearful of what the other person may say, or haven't been able to get close enough to get them to listen.

For all these reasons we write letters. Sometimes we intend to send them and don't. Sometimes we write for the sake of writing, feeling better once the words are on paper. Sometimes we put them in boxes or hide them away only to find the curage to send them later.

Sometimes its easier to share with the world and with complete strangers how we feel then it is to share with those we love. Here is a place to do just that.

A Few Things To Know

~(*)~ Letters can be to anyone about anything.

~(*)~ Do not post anything that isn't a letter. Posts that are not in letter format will be deleted.

~(*)~ Please do not use LJ User/Comm names in your letter. Any letter that uses LJ user/comm names will be deleted.

~(*)~ Letters that show racism/sexisim will be deleted without warning.

~(*)~ Do not advertise here.

~(*)~ Please type in a normal fashion. Do not allow your shift key to stick and write complete words.

~(*)~ Please do not pester writers on their personal journals. It is alright if you wish to friend them, but please do not start arguing with them over the content of their letter, or else you will be reported

~(*)~ Coments on entries have been turned off since letters are fine by themselves. It is the belief of the moderator that no one should have defend or explaine their emotions or reasons for writing them.

As of now Letterz is an open community. This means that anyone is allowed to join without moderator approval. This also means that the letters are open for anyone to read. If you are not comfortable with strangers reading your letters, and you do not want to post it on your own journal, please feel free to use the "friends only" and the "private" options when posting.

The status of the community is open to change by the moderator if she believes the rules are being violated. Any member caught breaking any of the above rules will be removed from the community since they have shown themselves untrustworthy.

Your community owner and moderator is phoeneko.

Do you have questions, concerns or comments? Please let us know by going here