i always loved you cause you were "oh so special" (myownworstenemy) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
i always loved you cause you were "oh so special"

wow you mean everything to me. you have been there for me for such a long time. i'll never forget the first day i met you. just looking at you you seemed like you were way out of my league and i thought i'd have no chance. then we talked. then we hung out and i'll never forget the first day we hung out all by ourselves, either. i've never been more happier with a boy in my life. i used too think i knew what love was. it was the happy feeling you had 24/7. but i found out that that isn't love. love is how i feel for you. when your not with me, i get upset and miss you even 45 minutes before you have to leave. to others it may feel like an obsession. but its way more then that. i can't describe all the emotions you make me feel. i feel so confident around you. you make me feel like the most perfect girl in the world. i've never felt so good about myself. and i know i have many imperfections but you have seem to have look past that and loved me for who i am. no one has ever done that. no one has ever told me exactly how they feel about me and actually show emotion in it. and its never been so positive and loving. i mean every word when i say i love you and spending the rest of my life with you would be a dream come true.
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