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Dear Jer,

I can't tell you how good it is to have you back. Talking with you in the car was just fantastic. It was just like the old days. It is my hope that we can have new days. Honestly, if there ever was a friend I've made in these past two years that I didn't want to lose, it would be you. You have been an incredible listener, the person I ran to when I needed honest advice, and an honest to God true friend when I needed you most. We've been through hell and back together in these short two years. I was so ready to give up on you. I truly was, and it hurt me more than anything to watch you slip away from me. But you promised we wouldn't give up. We shook hands on making more of an effort to stick together. And Jer, it feels great. When we hung out the other day, I saw the old Jerry - the Jerry I met, the Jerry I fell in love with, and the Jerry who became my brother. Thank you for choosing me to be one of the people that you are spending your time with. I know that some of your other friends who you could also go back to are just not the same, but it's good to know that our bond has stayed intact throughout all this bullshit. I just feel so lucky that we are still buddies after all this time. It's just...it's great to have you back. I love you to death.

Love, Mic
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