__clouds__ (__clouds__) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

dear lisa,
like seriously what the fuck. you never fucking talk. weve been going out for like 2 months now but we only met 5 fucking times. like i dont fucking get it. im willing to go to your place but you always tell me that youre FUCKING BUSY. you never said that youll come over to my place. never. its not SEX that i want. its just i want to be with you. you fucking dipshit. i dont fucking care if your life was all a drama but hey WAKE THE FUCK UP. EVERYONES LIFE IS A DRAMA TO THEM. youre not the only fucking one you fucking retarded bitch. stop acting like some pile of bull shit just because you had a rough past. i dont fucking care. every fucking time we meet you pretend that im the only guy you want. and you tell me that too. BUT I CANT FUCKING TRUST YOU. like how can anyone trust a girl who NEVER FUCKING CALLS, NEVER STARTS ANYTHING, and i could fucking go on for like 20 years complaining about your shit. half the time i say i love you im thinking about some one else.
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