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Ex's suck.

To a certain someone,

You fucker.


How DARE you try to do this to me again! I hate you! I do not care where you work, what you do, what your class schedule is, what your opinion of me is, or anything else that might come out of your ugly mouth.

Normally I would not do this, but you have pushed me to it.
You don't know the pain that you have caused me.
It was just emotional, but now it's physical.
You have actually achieved your goal, be proud of yourself. It takes a big man to beat up a girl's self-esteem like that (sarcastic tone).

Whatever, In my last letter to you, I told you that I was through with your crap. You are nothing but a low-down, lying, ugly snake. I won't tolerate your shit anymore. You have problems. So what?!? Everyone has them. The thing is, not everyone reacts like you do. My boyfriend has been through more shit than you ever even thought about, and yet he is 40000 times as good a person as you are. HE LOVES ME.
Sorry if you can't handle the fact that me and him really do love each other, but it's the truth so you just have to deal with it I guess.

So seriously this time,
Go throw yourself off of a cliff. Noone loves you, noone gives a rat's ass about you. So you might as well end it all now.
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